Welcome to VAIO, we're carving the way in innovative machinery with some of the best products on the market. With management, development and manufacturing operations headquartered in Azumino City, Nagano, Japan- the birthplace of Sony VAIO models, VAIO Corporation embraces the past while innovating for the future. It doesn't matter if you're a jet-setting CEO with the need for speed and laptop that can keep up, or if you're a creative genius on the cusp of greatness with your trusty tablet at your side. A deep understanding of VAIO's customer base has proven key to the corporation's success. This approach is why VAIO Corporation is a leader in bringing technological innovation and design to its users everywhere. Building upon VAIO's rich history and "VAIO DNA", VAIO Corporation continues the storied tradition of building superior products which emphasize craftsmanship with beautiful styling. Allow us to introduce you to the VAIO line. VAIO Z Mobility meets luxury

VAIO Z (flip)

The VAIO Z (flip) exemplifies success. This innovative machine offers a 2 in 1 convertible design, combining traditional clamshell engineering with the flexibility of a tablet; allowing for comfort, productivity and mobility. Optimal performance was at the forefront of our engineers minds when crafting the innovative machine, and since not all work surfaces are created equal the VAIO Z (flip) is built using the highest quality materials. Built for the CEO on the go, who wants the best of the best.


Meeting at the crossroads of mobility and luxury the VAIO Z is an impeccably designed laptop. Constructed for the creative individual centered in a more fluid work environment, this machine is easily transported from conference rooms to lunch meetings. Strategic design and sleek construction is what allows for the lightweight mobility. Truly a precise and powerful tool for professionals with a mission.

VAIO Z Canvas

Inspiration can strike at any moment and last for hours on end, as creative professionals we all know how important it is to have the proper device with us when the moment arrives. With an even wider gamut display and color management compatibility you'll experience a more stress free work environment and no interruption to your workflow. We've crafted a battery to withstand your creativity flow and keep you working from start to finish on your VAIO Z Canvas. Let this machine be your engine for creative freedom.


The VAIO S was built with the entrepreneurial spirit in mind, the laptop's resilient structure ensures no matter where your work takes you, you're sure to have a machine that can keep up and withstand the elements. The VAIO S offers endless opportunities, designed for multiple work environments. The laptop is uniquely equipped with an HDMI port, a VGA connector and LAN connection. Standout features for such a slim machine. We're defying change with unprecedented aspiration. VAIO is committed to pairing you with the best machine to suit your everyday needs. So whether you're headed for an international conference, working from a coffee shop in San Francisco or darting around Manhattan attending desksides, VAIO has the right machine for you. We've made it our mission to earn your trust and confidence. Let VAIO be your engine for creative freedom.