How to Fight Climate Change from Your Laptop

There is a lot going on in the world right now, but all of us are being impacted by climate change every day whether it is wildfires, hurricanes, record high temperatures, diminishing glaciers and rising seas, or elevated carbon emissions and loss of ozone. It can feel overwhelming while stuck at home so here are a few ideas about how you can be a part of the solution right from your laptop.

If you aren’t already required to recycle locally, an online search can help you understand what you can do to minimize landfill waste by collecting and delivering items to sites that accept things like glass, plastics, batteries, or yard waste that you would normally burn. Some may even pick up items for free and be able to compensate you if they have value. Check for your local options here.

A better understanding of the effects of climate change from human activity is another good place to start, so consider enrolling in one of many free courses available online. Topics range from developing web-based climatic models to the study of climate science denial to the health effects of climate change and many more. Learning is self-guided and easily tailored to coordinate with your lifestyle demands. Many of these are from world renowned institutions that also offer accreditation for the course work for a nominal fee. You can look up free online courses here.

If you just need to stay motivated, a group message board or forum might be helpful to create contacts and a support network. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge and wink from like-minded people to remind you why it is going to take all of us working together to create and enforce climate policies for a future where we all can breathe a bit easier.