Home Office 2021 – Time to Treat Yourself


Everyone is walking a fine line of work and life balance with work from home restrictions these days. And while it can be a less intense and more focused experience for some, other kinds of distractions (spouse, kids, snacks) can certainly get in the way of productivity. Here are some typical and non-typical products to make working from home a bit easier in the coming year.

See if your company will let you expense a new monitor, or two. Blue light is an eye assassin, and most new models emit less blue light and don’t flicker. Consider one with a wide angle and 4K ultra high definition because why not? Did you know that you have four times as much space to use on a 4K monitor? Or that you can scale up 200% to make everything on the monitor appear sharper? Just, as they say, do it.

Headphones. Zoom primacy and focus require a reliable pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Some manufacturers have settings that allow you to go from complete isolation to ambient mode where you are still aware of your surroundings like oncoming cars or an arriving train. The best have close to thirty hours of battery life with just ten minutes of charging getting you five hours of battery life.

Sure, the days are getting longer, but Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD (eye roll) is still a thing, especially if you’re living in your workspace and likely working hours beyond normal daylight. Light therapy lamps work and just thirty minutes a day of daylight-exposure has the same effect as sitting in bright sunshine. Of course, check with your doctor before you start using one, but it’s a great supplement in case you are unable to get outside while there is sun to enjoy.

There is no reason to keep waiting for work from home to just become comfortable on its own, so whether it’s upgrading your monitor situation, blocking the sounds of your home so you can concentrate, or just shedding a little more productive light on things, commit to treating yourself in 2021 while working from home.