Five Work From Home Tips

5 Tips to Remain Productive While Working from Home

Even the most organized, motivated and focused work from home employees are challenged by distractions that lower productivity. Here are some tips to help with adjusting to work from home life, avoid burnout, and keep family and friend relationships healthy.

1. Dedicate a Work Space
The best way to keep focused is to dedicate a space only for work. Don’t set up an office at the kitchen table or in a bedroom as the temptation to eat, clean, or even nap is too great. Create a screen or other barrier if your space doesn’t have a door to eliminate noise from busier parts in your apartment or home.

2. Make a Task Plan
Make sure that you have a plan or schedule. If there are tasks that need your attention the moment you sit down at the office, do them when working from home. Take breaks strategically to maximize efficiency. Just remember that productivity is about the ability to focus and avoid distractions and procrastination and not strict time management.

3. Get Full Participation
Set limits with your spouse, kids, and even the household pets. Everyone knows that you’re working from home, so they need to learn to respect your schedule. Explain that this adjustment is going to require their help to make it successful. Maybe let one break be “free time” where you answer questions, retrieve garbage bins, or weigh in on what’s for dinner.

4. Use Productivity Software
Expand your options for communicating with coworkers and clients. If this is your first foray into working remotely, consider other digital tools to mirror the person-to-person experience before sending that long, detailed email. This is also a great option for meetings when immediate feedback keeps up team camaraderie despite the distance.

5. Be Your Boss
Finally, learn from the independence you have now. You have a rare opportunity to observe your career and business from a new perspective. That perspective becomes even broader as you interact with others working from home for the first time too. Create an environment to nurture your focus since you are, in many ways, your own boss now.