Black. Pink. Red. Silver. Brown.

Offices, coffee shops, and living rooms around the globe are brighter thanks to VAIO because our lightweight, high performance laptops are available with the latest processors in stylish colors to match your work style. 

Following the tradition of creating powerful, high-quality, and stunningly attractive laptops, VAIO presents the SX12 and SX14 in a variety of colors, redefining industry standards for design and function to make you the alpha in the office.

Why should you care about the color of your laptop? Because every business move is an opportunity. Establish your personal brand by using your laptop color speak for you when you enter the room. It shows that you’re ready to challenge the status quo with fresh ideas. 

Business is changing and people are too. And while more and more PC makers are trying to make a statement with their laptop color choices, VAIO remains the industry leader with 5 eye-catching hues that are as professional as they are unique. 

There’s nothing wrong with basic black, and VAIO’s stealthy All Premium Black Edition proves that. Pink is absolutely the new power red, which why we designed an irresistible glossy Limited Edition Red to compete. Silver remains the classic and stunningly beautiful choice. Brown shows you are not only ready but here to stay. 

Each is embossed with a slick VAIO logo on a glossy or matte alloy surface that resists fingerprints and scratches, which is good because we bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off them. 

Some models are available with the blazingly fast 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10710U 1.10GHz Comet Lake Processors and offer the most overall raw power from VAIO yet. 

Quantities are in limited in both the SX12 and S14 so don’t wait.