“Discover Tomorrow” at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Japan is prepared to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games the most innovative sporting event in history. Companies are putting aside their rivalries to create cutting-edge technology that will protect the games, ensure a multi-billion viewer audience will have seamless coverage, and showcase unexpected technological advances to visiting nations.


Facial recognition identification of all athletes and staff will increase security and eliminate delays at events in the summer heat. Guards will be equipped with smartphone cameras whose images will allow AI to analyze and flag individuals for scrutiny.

Drones specifically created for the Olympics can remain aloft for eight hours to monitor a 3 kilometer radius around events. Unauthorized drones in the vicinity would be captured in nets by “killer drones” and then “eliminated” offsite.

Drones will also be used to bring 360-degree views in 8K real-time video to those watching at home. Paired with a live-stream on 5G networks, the goal is to create a virtual reality viewing experience for cycling, sailing, and the marathon, just to name a few sports expected to be showcased.

5G will blanket the metropolitan area to create the world’s first “smart city” by managing traffic, self-driving cars, and hydrogen clean fuel technology in utility vehicles when visitors arrive at the airport.

Of course, the real star will be the use of robots to facilitate services for athletes and visitors as they navigate Olympic venues and beyond. And we’re not just talking about providing directions. There will be robots available to high-five kids and ensure those with disabilities are appropriately assisted. Some venues will provide robot servers to deliver refreshments to visitors who order from on-site tablets.

Oh, and expect to see a flying car ignite the Olympic stadium torch, which of course will be fueled by hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe that also happens to have a zero carbon footprint when burned.

Expect these games to literally feel like they came from the future.