Growth of the Hybrid Laptop

A lot of recent convertible laptop reviews sound like a quest for The Holy Grail. This one was perfect except for, that one would have been flawless were it not for <insert rote commentary on sub-par battery life, low-resolution screen, awkward keyboard or touchpad placement here>. But these are universal PC concerns, so what’s driving this hypercritical focus when the industry can’t even decide on a name to market them under. Are they convertible laptops, 2 in 1 laptops, or hybrid PCs? Let’s take a look at what the future holds for this enduring and popular trend and maybe find a few answers as well. VAIO 2-in-1 laptop First and foremost, the forecast for the global convertible laptop market is expected to be insanely positive through 2025. All of the major PC brands and a growing number of new start-ups have release dates for flagship models. The entire IT market demands devices that have the versatility to transform from tablet to laptop depending on business needs, so it looks like they transitioned from just being the darling of specialized professions. Second, and this should come as a surprise to absolutely no one who has used a convertible laptop in the last 36 months, and despite recent reviews, convertible laptops have performed better and rated higher year over year in best-of and top 10 lists. And something has happened in that time to transform theme from dull corporate laptop workhorses into sleek, powerful, hard to resist hybrid designs. VAIO hybrid laptop With revolutionary hinges that are either beautiful or unseen, and displays that rotate a full 360 degrees or even detach for just tablet mode, convertible laptops are ideal for students, professionals, or the person just needing a versatile device to transition from work to home. The move toward universally calling these hybrid PCs is no accident – they combine all of the best things about a laptop and tablet in a perfect 2-in-1.