Come Fly With Me

Drones always draw some of the biggest crowds at consumer electronic shows, and it’s not hard to understand why. They are packed with great features to please every level of consumer, and they provide a ton of functionality and versatility in increasingly smaller designs at affordable price points. Everyone Has a Drone So far, drones have mostly been used in video and photography for advertising purposes, but there are many other applications for unmanned small aircraft, or UAV, technology. From mapping agriculture and architectural landscapes to real estate assessments to small product delivery, drones are a revolutionary multi-purpose tool packed with the potential to help us rethink some of the ways we are doing professional and personal business. Drones for delivery Drone-based delivery services are the most notable application. Did you know the maximum load-bearing weight of 55 pounds for delivery-by-drone is one of the biggest hurdles to commercial use? It has made some question the feasibility of a drone fleet, but since the demand for goods delivered to your door has increased, this looks more and more like an inevitability. Drones for practical use Their personal use has exploded in recent years with consumers buying them at a rate similar to other personal devices. 300,000 drones were registered within the first month alone after the FAA opened its registration site in 2016. And the agency recently relaxed some of the more prohibitive restrictions that required permits and the banning of flights that go beyond-line-of-sight or at night. That means with the help of remote operation software and a high performance laptop equipped with industry-leading features, you can do some pretty amazing things with a drone to advance your own business.