The Azumino Finish


The process that creates a professional grade product.

VAIO® has established its headquarters inside the Azumino Factory in Nagano Prefecture. This shows our commitment to pursue the art of craftsmanship as the premier PC manufacturer in Japan.

All VAIO® computers must pass approximately 50 items from a quality checklist, performed one at a time by an Azumino quality control engineer.

Azumino has the history and experience we value. We strive to highlight and take pride in skills unique to Japan.

No scratches, dents, stains, or blemishes allowed. VAIO® products must be flawless.

By checking every angle and play of light, each device is hand inspected one at a time. The slightest imperfection will not go unnoticed or uncorrected.

We sweat the small stuff because we are design driven by a product that demands respect.

 The gap where the display meets the casing and the indentation between the touchpad and palm rest can be problematic. We employ a “Gap Gauge” that ensures our strict calibration standards are met.

“The pleasure of a satisfying click.” This is an important VAIO® feature.

A successful PC touchpad is all about the satisfying click. Our bisected touchpad responds exactly how your fingertips like with no stress and all comfort.  

Each of the 87 keys is tested to ensure a pleasant, tactile experience.

The keyboard is what customers handle most on a PC. We threw out the “ordinary response requirement” of past testing in favor of verified key functionality. 

Sight verification.

Verifying critical components by hand may seem inefficient, but we rely on our team of experienced and detail-focused quality control professionals for accuracy. 

VAIO® craftsmanship with proprietary tools.

High quality tools that are easy to use make human error obsolete. We listen to everyone’s ideas in Azumino and, if necessary, create our own tools to fit the job.

“What if a customer gets a flawed product?” Machines can’t provide that level of care.

Machines perform tasks perfectly all of the time. However, a machine cannot enjoy pride in their work or imagine their customer’s needs. The foundation of Azumino FINISH is the knowledge that our employees “want to create and deliver exceptional products”.

“From me to the customer.”

There are many engineers involved in testing the approximately 50 items on the quality control checklist in Azumino FINISH, but it is not an ordinary assembly line. Each person assumes the engineer after him/herself is the customer and performs each check with pride.

Things. Features. Situations.

VAIO® believes in the transcendental philosophy of “nature + awareness” and the 3 concepts of its foundation. We approach PC production by observing the thing and the features that will connect it to the essence of our craftsmanship.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

The true nature of quality is a customer who trusts our product from the moment they open the VAIO® package until they put it away at the end of each day. We endeavor to provide professional grade quality to every customer.

If it gets stamped, it gets shipped.

The “Azumino FINISH” stamp is your proof that quality control checks have been performed and approved by VAIO® engineers.

We want you to love VAIO® as much as we do.

Just like a treasured watch that you polish or favorite pair of shoes that you repair, we want to deliver a VAIO® product that a customer will fall in love with use for a long time. We endeavor to earn your trust and confidence.

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* All pictures on this page show models sold in Japan.