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March 21, 2017
Amazing tablet - best laptop ive used
This is quite simply the best computer i've ever used - a workhorse through and through. Great design coupled with outstanding specs, meets every one of my design needs. Well worth the money.
March 3, 2017
Response to TheDreamer
This is for TheDreamer who posted in late Novermber 2016 "I owned this wonderful laptop for 8 months, usually keeping it plugged in, and one day... it's dead." quote from TheDreamer I was leaving my Vaio plugged in the charger all the time since I wanted a full charge when needing to go portable with this excellent device. Anyway, just like TheDreamer, one day my Vaio Canvas Z was DEAD. Still under warranty, i contacted Vaio and worked with their service representative to try a few things, but NOTHING worked. It was decided I needed to send in for service and repair. In the process of preparing the return order, the service representative asked a question of someone else and in the process learned there is a reset button hidden behind the flip stand. To prevent the battery from over-charging and damaging the battery and/or computer, there is a trip switch built-in to the device. He suggested I take a small pin and insert it in the VERY SMALL hole while powering up. It worked! What I thought was a laptop turned BRICK just needed reset. Nothing was lost, etc. it came back like before without any problems since. What was strange was over 2-days the 1st service representative was unaware there was a rest button hidden behind the flip stand. All is well that ends well!
February 2, 2017
Almost Perfect
The Vaio Z Canvas is a good workhorse computer, but is in no way perfect. Vaio could absolutely improve the design. Pros: - Detachable keyboard is great for drawing, ergonomic typing. Great for lecture halls, typing while lying down, presentations. - Workhorse computer, specs are no joke - Designed like a drawing tablet, and it shows - So many ports; so, so many ports! Cons: - It's small! I want a 17" version. The 17" version could also fit more, better guts inside of it. A 15" intermediary would be great too. Please, if there's anything an update to the Canvas would do, I would pay so much money for a 17" screen. - Screen has LCD backlight bleed. It's barely noticeable, but if you tilt the screen backwards, you can notice the bottom of the screen is brighter than the rest. - The keyboard is a double-edged sword. In the event that you only have your lap to work with, such as while in a car or on a train, you need to grip the stand between your knees. A means of attaching the keyboard to the laptop, ala the Surface Book, in a purely mechanical fashion would be great. Some kind of snap-on hinge. - The screen will become scratched if the device is left in a backpack. You need to get a screen protector for it. - The pen doesn't work as well with a screen protector. - The built-in pen holder is only good for holding the pen while you are sitting down and working. Some sort of internal pen holder, like the Samsung Note series, where the pen slides into the chassis, would work so much better. I've lost two pens using this thing. - The pen is not as versatile as Wacom pens. Vaio could tap into a huge market of artists if the pen was more powerful, including features like tilt and rotation detection, more pressure levels and different kinds of tips (airbrush pen, paintbrush pen, etc.) - Graphics card is a joke. Iris is barely better than HD5500. Considering how much VAIO flaunts its ports, the addition of a Thunderbolt 3 port, replacing the Mini DisplayPort would be great. Thunderbolt 3's can support displays AND an external graphics card. I mention this mainly because the device renders very slowly when using GPU rendering, which is objectively better than CPU rendering. The ability to plug in a GTX1080 to this thing would make it so much better. - Battery life is respectable.
January 31, 2017
Best Tablet
I'll keep this short and sweet. Here is what makes this the best tablet: - 47-Watt TDP CPU (TDP is what you should be looking at folks, not i3/i5/i7 marketing ploys) - Vaio build quality - Kick-stand is easily adjustable with one hand - Ethernet port - Wireless keyboard that doubles as a screen protector included - Triple fan for higher exhaust throughput which allows for running at relatively low speeds thus running really quiet. I had the VAIO Tap 11 and the VAIO Z Canvas solves all the issues I had with the Tap 11 from the noisy fan, weak specs, weak chassis, lack of ports, weak mini-HDMI port, and finicky wireless keyboard who's touchpad doesn't work and can only be charged while the tablet is not in use. I really hope that VIAO doesn't end the Z Canvas line-up. This is truly a remarkable unit! I really hope VAIO (and the rest of the Sony line of products) can catch up with Apple and Samsung in terms of marketing because I truly think VIAO/Sony produce superior devices than their competitors and the consumers simply just don't know about them.
January 3, 2017
Too Small of a Workspace
I immediately sold my VZ about a week after using it. I have large hands and also cannot for the life of me understand why nobody has created a 16" and up sized tablet for users that work larger and value their work space. Let me be clear however that the Vaio Z is a workhorse under the hood and I loved it's performance specs. For me, it just failed miserably as a tool that I could or would use on a daily basis for actual design work due to the small footprint. Mobile, yes,....but at what cost? As of this writing, Wacom has FINALLY stepped up with a 16" model that looks like the perfect solution for me. Honestly,..I would have rather given my money to VAIO than Wacom, but I have to get work done and they came through first. Surface studio just hit the stores, but of course that is a different beast altogether and really can't be compared to a tablet style of device, but at least now manufacturers are seeing the light in terms of work space requirements as more and more software tools clutter up the GUI. I think between 16 - 17" is the "sweet spot" for many of us, but I do understand that others are still fine with the 13" and that's cool too. I was just voicing my preference and opinion here and nothing more.
December 12, 2016
Ethernet Port Problem
Ethernet port runs at only 100 Mbps, instead of 1000 Mbps, using a Netgear WNDR-3700v4 router.
November 27, 2016
Incredible Laptop until it died
The battery life was excellent, the screen is gorgeous, it ran both creative and game software with ease. I owned this wonderful laptop for 8 months, usually keeping it plugged in, and one day... it's dead. I also own a Vaio Flip, so I could confirm the charger is not the problem. However, due to the compact build, there is no way for me to check the battery. I have a $1,500 brick. The power supply it was plugged into also supports my desktop, which never shut off, so it wasn't a power spike. Additionally, since Vaio changed companies, I'm out of luck with the warranty. Stinks to be me.
October 17, 2016
Amazing tool
The Vaio Z Canvas is one of the most incredible tools for the creative professional. Vaio's first generation of this machine knocked it out of the park. The Canvas is built for the creator, for the artist. It has the proper artist ergonomics, awesome pen, awesome wireless keyboard. The Z Canvas is beautifully designed and is unique looking. You can see hints of Vaio's innovative past here, but a brand new evolution. The build and design of this machine is amazing. Then, they top it all off with massive internal innovation and engineering with a 47W quad-core chipset, iris pro graphics, and more. A true thin and light mobile workstation 2 in one tablet PC in an easy to pick up and take with you design/form factor. An amazing wide gamut very pixel dense accurate display. ( one o the best I've seen) A one of a kind kickstand. All of this stuff and the machine still gets great long lasting battery life. I can't wait to see future generations of this machine, so much innovation here. So much to look forward to. Vaio is back with a vengeance.
November 27, 2015
Amazing! Makes me want to draw more
I've always wanted to try drawing with a tablet but was hesitant to spend the money. I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on this. As a first time user of Vaio I can't get enough of this thing. It's like a sketchbook that never runs out of paper. If I make a mistake I can undo. Amazing! (Sorry I'm new to the world of Tablet drawing you'll have to forgive me.) Painting in photoshop never felt so good.
November 11, 2015
It's worth the $$$ ....
Vaio z canvas its really worth the $$$ as a graphic design/photography student it makes creating and editing so much faster, precise and easier... The screen is great. color and images display wonderfully. Pen/screen is really responsive. So far I have only used it with photoshop & illustrator and it works great with those programs. I highly recommend this product for anyone who works/creates a lot of digital art. So i talked to some one at vaio and they talked me through utilizing the specialty buttons. On a side note vaio's tech-support is wonderful. I love the pen design, it holds and feels better and a bit lighter then other pens I've used. The only thing that has a bit of a down side is the stand. I wish it was a little wider. But other then that I love it and its worth every penny.